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Rete internazionale


Il Consiglio nazionale degli ingegneri fa parte di una rete internazionale composta dalle più importanti organizzazioni mondiali e ingegneristiche nel mondo dell'ingegneria.

alt textWFEO  serves society and is recognized as a respectable and valuable source of advice and guidance on the policies, interests and concerns that relate to engineering and technology. The role and responsibility of engineers in addressing the challenges facing society is more and more recognized and acknowledged worldwide. The World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO) is the sole Body representing the engineering profession of all kind and disciplines at World Level.WFEO is an international platform where issues related to engineering are discussed and addressed.


FeanilogoBlackFEANI is a federation of professional engineers that unites national engineering associations from 34 European Higher Education Area (EHEA) countries. Thus, FEANI represents the interests of over 3,5 million professional engineers in Europe. FEANI is striving for a single voice for the engineering profession in Europe and wants to affirm and develop the professional identity of engineers.


eceThe ECEC is the umbrella organisation of European Engineers Chambers. It represents the professional interest of Chartered Engineers on European level. Its members are national Chambers or other legally established public bodies representing authorized Chartered Engineers. Currently the ECEC represents 16 Chambers and over 300.000 highly qualified European Chartered Engineers who are members in these Chambers.


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