The EUR ING title delivered by FEANI is designed as a guarantee of competence for professional engineers, in order

  • to facilitate the movement of practicing engineers within and outside the geographical area represented by FEANI's member countries and to establish a framework of mutual recognition of qualifications in order to enable engineers who wish to practice outside their own country to carry with them a guarantee of competence
  • to provide information about the various formation systems of individual engineers for the benefit of prospective employers
  • to encourage the continuous improvement of the quality of engineers by setting, monitoring and reviewing standards

The EUR INGs are listed in the FEANI Register, a database maintained by the Secretariat General in Brussels. Currently over 32.000 European Engineers are listed in the register (May 2013). The "Guide to the FEANI Register" (see section "Guide" gives the details on the purpose of the Register and how it is managed).




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