National Council Italian Engineers


The National Council of Italian Engineers (CNI) is the institutional national body representing the professional category of the Italian engineers.

CNI is a non-economic public institution, established in 1944 and placed under the supervision of the Ministry of Justice that monitors the professions and controls the adoption of the provided regulations.


The institutional commitment of CNI includes, among others, following tasks:

  • to express opinions concerning decisions made by the
  • Disciplinary Committees of each local Register of
  • Engineers relevant to appeals and complaints;
  • to issue legal opinions, on behalf of the Ministry
  • of Justice, concerning legislative or regulation
  • proposals about the profession of engineer;
  • to act as advisory body towards the Governmental,
  • Institutional and Supervisory Authorities, which deal with the profession of engineer.
  • CNI plays a significant role in: promoting, developing
  • and safeguarding the figure of the Engineer in the society;
  • providing the Continuing Professional Development and ensuring the quality of the professional performances. Activities and objectives of CNI give high importance to the following topics: safety and security of people and goods, environment protection, safeguarding of the natural resources, sustainable development, scientific and technological progress, and enhancement of the intellectual work.


Armando Zambrano President
Gianni Massa Vice Presidente Vicario
Giovanni Cardinale Vice President
Angelo Valsecchi Secretary General
Michele Lapenna Councilor Treasurer
Stefano Calzolari Councilor
Gaetano Fede Councilor
Ania Lopez Junior Councilor
Massimo Mariani Councilor
Felice Monaco Councilor
Roberto Orvieto Councilor
Angelo Domenico Perrini Councilor
Luca Scappini Councilor
Raffaele Solustri Councilor
Remo Giulio Vaudano Councilor
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