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Guardia Piemontese (CS): Seminari tecnico-scientifici su Tecniche per la Difesa del Suolo e dall’Inquinamento

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Mercoledì 17 Giugno 2020


The forty-first Italian Conference on Integrated River Basin Management (ICIRBM-Guardia 2020) will take place in Luigiane spa of Guardia Piemontese (Acquappesa, Prov. Cosenza, Italy) co-organised by University of Calabria, Centro Studi Acquedotti e Fognature, Associazione Idrotecnica Italiana – Sezione Calabria. 
ICIRBM-Guardia Conference was first held in 1980; since then, a yearly meeting has been organized. In this lapse of time, 41 volumes were published, edited by the Bios publishing house, with a total amount of pages of about 24,000. 
It is the most enduring event taking place in Italy in the field of river basin management. In 1980, the discipline was dealt with in a very original and inter-disciplinary way that accounted for both physical and environmental aspects.


The Conference programme includes a series of invited presentations. Papers by individual participants are also welcome. Abstracts of no more than 300 words should be submitted as soon as possible for individual participants. Abstract should not exceed 300 words and it must indicate the problem, methods, results and conclusions. The abstract should be written both in Italian and English. Final acceptance will be decided by review process of the full paper. If accepted, the paper must be presented at the conference. The final paper should  include a title and an abstract both in Italian and  in English. The abstract can be submitted on the website http://icirbm-guardia.unical.it/ Full text should preferably be written in Italian. The language of the conference will beItalian.


Luogo Luigiane spa (Terme Luigiane) Guardia Piemontese (Acquappesa, Prov. Cosenza) Italy