Day of Liberal Professions - 27 November 2018 - Brussels

The event, entitled Liberal Professions 4.0.: Sustainable Transformation of Professional Features, aims to gain fresh insight regarding a future-proof definition of the liberal professions in a digitalised professional world

A high level of proficiency and competence, a strong sense of obligation towards the public interest (services closely connected to essential human needs such as life, health, safety, housing, quality of life, etc.), strict self-monitoring (professional regulation, ethical codes, disciplinary measures), personal responsibility and the independence of professional conduct from economic and other extraneous interests will be the focus of discussions. 

The meeting will be opened by the President of the Diversity Europe Group, Arno Metzler. In our capacity as spokespersons of the category and in line with the manifesto adopted last year at the liberal professions conference in Rome, we will present a summary of achievements and forthcoming action, entitled From Rome to Brussels. 

We would be pleased to welcome you to join us at the conference, which will bring togethernumerous representatives of the liberal professions at national and European level, as well as academic and institutional experts on the topic, with discussions divided into three thematic panels: 

• Moving away from the cliché of 'protectionism' and adapting the definition of 'public interest' to societal developments 

• Does digitalisation change the essential needs of mankind and how does this affect the liberal professions? 

• Restrictions on equity participation: no longer required or more necessary than ever? Investor interests vs. professional requirements. 

Please follow this link to the webpage of the event and register here (link to the form) by 21.11.2018 at the latest.

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